Why should I get involved?

Research shows that children who enter school with early literacy skills are more likely than their peers to experience later academic success, attain higher levels of education, and secure employment. Furthermore, children who are entering kindergarten (4-year-olds) with 100 or more books in the home and a daily habit of reading are significantly more likely to succeed in school. By donating you are helping to ensure Fort Morgan’s 4-year-olds have the greatest opportunity for long term success in school and life. You can also get involved by hosting reading events, raising awareness for the campaign and even simply reading books with kids! All of these ways of getting involved will help build a reading culture that will empower successful generations in proud city of Fort Morgan.


What impact does my donation make?

Your donation helps fund and provide 100 picture books for every 4-year-old in Fort Morgan. By helping fund this project, you will impact the lives of each 4-year-old by facilitating a love for reading and learning. Research shows that this enhances the long term success for each child in both education and future employment. Each donation contributes to giving a child the optimal opportunity for a successful future.


Is my information secure?

Yes! We will not hold any of your information, all payments will be privately secured through our payment process on stripe.com.


Can I contribute anonymously?

Yes! If you do not wish us to recognize you for your important contribution, there is an option in the payment process where you can request to be anonymous. Thank you for your contribution!


How will I know the books get delivered?

Over a 25 week period of time every child receives 4 different books delivered to their doorstep each week. We will be posting relevant content about the campaign throughout these 25 weeks on both our Community Funded page and OneMorgan County’s Facebook page. This includes photos and videos of children receiving their books, children attending our regular reading events and testimonials submitted by individuals in the community. We will make sure you can see the impact your contribution will have made on the lives of Fort Morgan’s 4-year-olds!


How can I help after I’ve made my donation?

If you want to help with the campaign after your donation, please get in contact with the Campaign Owner on the Community Funded page to connect with volunteering opportunities! You can help by attending and hosting reading events or raising awareness for our campaign and childhood reading.


What will happen if the campaign does not reach its goal?

Every dollar received will be dedicated to providing a personal home library of 100 books to four-year-olds in Fort Morgan. To ensure every four-year-old receives a personal home library, we need your donation to meet the campaign goal.


Where can I learn more about OneMorgan County?

You can learn more about OneMorgan County by going to the campaign page and clicking the “OneMorgan County” tab or by visiting their website directly at onemorgancounty.org!


Where can I learn more about Unite for Literacy?

You can learn more about Unite for Literacy’s by going to the campaign page and clicking the “Unite for Literacy” tab or by visiting their website directly at www.uniteforliteracy.com/about!